Manage Life's Projects Better

Project collaboration apps don't need to be complex, so we made one anybody can use.

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Manage Projects for Work, School or Anything

No matter the project, team or goal - Taks is “pick-up and go”.

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Create unlimited projects for work, school, family, clubs, sports, goals, events and many more.

  • Every project owner sets the project rules
  • All projects have viewing and assignment permissions
  • Assign unlimited tasks, calendar events and notes
  • Easily track action items for each project in one-click
  • Sync your Dropbox to each project for streamlined file saving

Invite an unlimited amount of members to contribute to any project.

  • Invite contributors via email anytime
  • Add contributors only to the projects they collaborate with you on
  • Assign specific "Taks" to one or multiple contributors at a time

After your project is created and contributors are added, you can begin assigning tasks, sharing notes and setting calendar events that can be seamlessly integrated with other member's calendars.

  • Assign tasks, notes, or calendar events via Taks that sync with other members calendars automatically
  • Assign Tasks or calendar events to multiple contributors at once
  • Attach files, leave comments and report progress effortlessly
  • View your teammates priorities or busy times without bugging or overbooking

Get a bird's eye view of your entire workday with our unique calendar dashboard that syncs all action items from your favorite tech stacks into one, simple, digestible calendar view.

  • Create personal or project filters to sort your action items by type, tags, priority and more while keeping everyone on the same page
  • See what everyone is working on in live time
  • Instantly view the status of a "Tak" in just a few clicks
  • Run robust performance and audit reports for any project so nothing falls through the cracks

Taks displays your most important daily to-do's on desktop or mobile device.

A “Tak” is a task, a calendar event or a note and all Taks can be assigned, viewed, shared or actioned by project contributors anytime, anywhere.

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View your Priorities Instantly

Get creative with filter views for yourself or all project contributors.


Add Tags to any Tak for enhanced sorting

You can create unlimited "tags" that can be reused over and over again. A "Tag" or label can be added to any Task, Calendar event or Note. This is a smart way to categorize your most important action items and allows you to be organized and creative when filtering your to-do's.

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Organize your priorities by creating filters

Views or "filter" are a great way to keep track of your priorities without having to waste time searching. You can filter any "Tak" by the Tak type, status or "Tag". This is why adding tags to a task, calendar item or important note is valuable and allows you to create one-click views or "filters" that will quickly display the Taks that are most important to your daily priorities.

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Set filters that are visible to an entire project

Aside from personal filters, you can also create "Project Filters" that are visible by all contributors of a project. This is an effective way of displaying important action items for a specified project goal or objective. As collaboration amongst contributors grow, project filters allows project owners to display prioities quickly and keep everyone on the same page.

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Coming Soon to iOS and Android

Get Taks on iOS and Android and start collaborating on your first project today.

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Taks App

The easiest way to start a project, collaborate with others and focus on what really matters.

We're in with good company

Taks integrates with some of your favorite software products so your team's action items will automatically be synced and everyone will be on the same page - always.

  • The Outlook Calendar 2-way sync integration funnels all of your Outlook calendar events into Taks seamlessly.

    Learn More
  • The Google Calendar 2-way sync integration funnels all of your Google calendar events into Taks seamlessly.

    Learn More
  • Dropbox 2-way sync integration saves all attachments that are added to any "Tak" (Tasks, Calendar Events or Notes) directly to you Dropbox folder so everything is in one place.

    Learn More
  • Slack integration allows you to create Tasks, Calendar Events or Notes from any Slack messages and instantly assign them to yourself or other project contributors.

    Learn More
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Frequently Asked Questions

Although these are a few common questions, we understand there may be many more. So please feel free to send us an email at and a member of our support staff will be happy to answer any outstanding questions you may have.

1. What is a "Tak"?

Simply put, a "Tak" is an action item like a note that needs to be read, a task that needs to be completed or a calendar event that needs to be attended. Most, if not all, of your daily action items can be categorized by one of these three which allows you a better picture of your entire workday from one simple digestible list. Each "Tak" can be completed, shared, commented on, tagged, file attached and filtered for easy tracking and progress without it falling through the cracks. Learn more.

2. Is there a project or member limit?

Nope. You can create an unlimited amount of projects in Taks and add as many contributors as would you like to each project. Learn more.

3. Do all the projects I create stay separate?

Absolutely. Taks is a unique Universal Workspace, so you can create as many projects for as many different groups as you would like. However, each project remains private and viewable to only the contributors that are invited to it. Learn more.

4. Is there a limit to how many Taks projects I can join?

No, you can join as many projects as you are invited to. If you join a project, you can also elect to leave the project at any time. Learn more.

5. Who is the project admin?

The first person to create the project from their Taks account is the "Project Owner" by default. This is the only person that has access to change the project settings (i.e viewing permissions, integration install permissions or syncing a Dropbox account.)

The only exception to this rule is business accounts because the organization will own all projects. Learn more.

6. What is the difference between a Personal Account and a Business Account?

A personal account allows you to search and connect with as many Tak network users you would like. You can create unlimited projects and all action items will remain organized within that particular project. Upon project creation, the project creator automatically becomes the Project Owner. This person can dictate the privacy settings for the entire project, what integrations can be installed and who the contributors of the project are. - in addition to several administrator rights.

Unlike personal accounts, business accounts enjoy deeper insights and reporting benefits like tracking the velocity of "Tak" completion, which integrations are contributing to your team's workload and how many action items are overdue, completed or pending. Business accounts keep all intellectual property safe and secure and all projects that are created within a business account are owned by the organization rather than the individual user. Learn more.

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Applify - App Landing HTML Template

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