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No matter the source, Taks captures it all.

Note - 10:33 pm

Let’s grab the whiteboard, dry erase markers and cleaning solution at lunch! I’m thinking sushi!

Task - Due @ 12:45

When you get a chance send a Taks invite to the new hire, that way she can integrate Slack and Google Cal on her own easily.

Cal - Due @ 6:00 pm

Remember to pick up Max at the airport. Feel free to add an expense report for mileage. :)

Note - 9:00 am

It’s release day! Donuts in the breakroom team!

Task - Due @ 12/21/2019

Please follow up with Andrew about the McKesson deal. Once done just re-assign to Jared so he can finish up the audit! Thx!!

Task - Due @ 7:45 pm

Team building session tonight! Bowling! Make sure to enter what size shoes you want in the link attached to this Tak!


View all your teammate’s priorities at a glance without bugging

Connect with those you trust and always be on the same page.

  • Available

    Jason Fritz

    Sales Manager

    5 Taks

    1 Overdue

  • Available

    Gina Magnesi

    Director of Sales

    15 Taks

  • Available

    Melinda Guerro

    Account Manager

    7 Taks assigned

  • Available

    Ryan James

    Senior Account Executive

    5 Taks

  • Available

    David Gage

    Sales Development

    15 Taks

  • Offline

    Antoinette Deskin

    Sales Development

    12 Taks assigned


Maintain complete control over your workspace

Individuals & businesses decide what’s best.

Individual & Team Visibility

You choose how you would like your team’s or organizational structure to work. Many create teams by project, by office or by department. Once a team is created, you define how the members interact with you or eachother in each team.

Shared Viewing Permissions

Once teams are created, it is up to the individual user or business admin to decide who has visibility over what tasks, calendar items and notes. You can either create a transparent work environment so that everyone is on the same page or limit viewing abilities if you happen to be working with outside contractors, consultants or temporary hired staff.

Shared Posting Permissions

You choose who can post you notes, assign you tasks or schedule you for appointments. Trust is important, so those you connect with or invite into your workspace should be added to a team that best reflects the permissions and abilities you would like to grant them.


What is a “Tak”?

Simply put, a “Tak” is an action item like a note, task or calendar item.

Examples of Taks:

1. Tasks

  • Taks Task
  • Log Activity
  • Slack Task
  • Asana Task

2. Notes

  • Taks Note
  • CRM Note
  • Slack Note
  • Asana Note

3. Calendar Items

  • Taks Appt.
  • CRM Appt.
  • Google Cal
  • Outlook Cal

Taks organizes your Notes, Tasks and Calendar Items, beautifully

Only your day’s most important items - summarized, live and shared.


Taks is built for internal, remote and cross-functional teams of all sizes

Work, plan and collaborate with any team in your organization.

Sales & Marketing

Product & Development

Customer Success & Support

HR & Operations


Take your performance reporting to the next level

Run performance reports on action items from several different software systems - not just one.


Taks is the glue that makes your existing tech stack stick together better

Connect with our growing list of integrations


Taks is already getting smarter

We are on a mission to revolutionize intelligent project management

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